Downloading the KDE 3 version

About the releases

The latest stable release for KDE 3 is Gwenview v1.4.2 and requires KDE 3.4.

For older versions, visit Gwenview File Release Page on SourceForge.

Version numbers work this way :


In addition to KDE libs, Gwenview depends on the following components:


The sources are splitted in two tarballs. If you only want to run Gwenview and don't care if it's in english, you just need the code tarball. If you want Gwenview to speak your language, you will need both the code and translation tarballs.

Official binaries

Some distributions have a public always up-to-date version which include Gwenview. The distributions we know of are:

If you are using one of them, you should be able to get Gwenview from their package management system. If your distribution includes Gwenview and is not listed here, please let us know!

Third party binaries

These binaries are not provided by distributions. You will often find packages for the latest release of your distribution here. Most of them require the libkipi package. You can find KIPI packages on the KIPI project page.

If you want to package Gwenview, contact us.

Slackware 11

By Mark Tucker

This package requires the libkipi package, which you will find on KIPI home page.

Ubuntu Dapper

By Krzysztof Lichota

Packages are signed using GPG key available from