Building Gwenview 1.4 from the Subversion repository

Gwenview 1.4 is hosted in the KDE Subversion repository, in the branches/extragear/kde3/graphics/gwenview dir.

The following steps are necessary to get the source code (In this example, we assume you store the source code in "~/src")

cd ~/src

# Get the "admin" dir, used by the build system. As of now, Gwenview builds
# with the KDE 3.3 admin dir
svn co svn://

# Get the "graphics" dir of extragear, using -N to avoid getting all subdirs
svn co svn:// -N

# Get the "gwenview" subdir
cd graphics/
svn up gwenview

# Link the "admin" dir here, otherwise next step will fail
ln -s ../admin/

# Create the "configure" file
make -f Makefile.cvs

# Generate the Makefiles, with full debugging information
./configure --enable-debug=full

# Compile Gwenview
cd gwenview/

Note: as of the time of this howto (2007.06.24), Gwenview can be build with the current libkipi release (0.1.5). If you want to build it using the SVN version of libkipi, you can find it in "extragear/kde3/libs/libkipi".

Next time you want to update to the latest version, just do:

cd ~/src

# Get the latest source
cd graphics/gwenview
svn up

# Build