External tools

External tools are programs which Gwenview can start to do various things with your images. They are available when you right-click on an image in the "External tools" sub menu.

Gwenview comes with a few predefined external tools, such as "Set as wallpaper", but you can very easily add more of them using the external tool dialog. This dialog is available from the menu: "Settings > Configure External Tools...".

Here are a few example of tools you can add to accomplish different task. If you think we are missing some usefull tool, let us know and we will add them to the list.

Task Tool Command line Associate with
Batch renaming GwenRename gwenrename %F All files
KRename krename %F All files
Batch image resizing Picwiz picwiz %U All images
KMagickResize python /usr/local/bin/kmagickresizegui.py %F All images
.ico extraction Icoutils icotool -x %f image/x-ico
Send by email KMail kmail --attach %u All files
Find big files FileLight filelight %u inode/directory
Regenerate EXIF thumbnails from JPEG Exiftran exiftran -i -g %F images/jpeg
Autorotate JPEG images according to EXIF Orientation tag Exiftran exiftran -i -a %F images/jpeg
Remove EXIF thumbnails from JPEG JHead jhead -dt %F images/jpeg